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Billing management software for restaurants and cafes Computer shop management software
Practice management software:
    Main features    
    Employees records    
    Patient records    
    Patient balances    
    Appoitments scheduling    
    X-RAY pictures    
 Company/Insurance records 

  Common features:
    Multilanguage support    
    Backup database    
    Server softvare    
    Pay-roll list    

Practice management software
patient x-ray pictures and other files

Medical billing software - Patient x-ray pictures and other files
Practice management management software - patient x-ray pictures and other files
On this form you may view/assign x-ray pictures to selected tooth.

Steps to assign x-ray picture or some other file:
1. Click on assign picture button, and
2. Select picture you wish to add (picture format should be one of: bmp, jpg, gif, emf, wmf)
3. That's all.

You can see/delete previously added files.

You can see all files assigned to selected tooth by clicking on previous or next button.

You can export picture.

You can zoom picture.

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