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Practice software Dental clinic
Cyber cafe software
Software for computer shop Computer shop

  Common features:
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    Backup database    

Computer shop software, Practice management software and Cafe managent software
frequently asked questions

Q : How to uninstall the software ?
A : Just delete folder where you have software installed.

Q : Can I use the software on Windows XP or Vista?
A : YES. Our software works on any windows platform.

Q : How to save databases when upgrading to new version?
A : Information how to upgrade to new version you can find in readme.txt file

Q : What is minimal hardware configuration for the software?
A : Our software will run on any pentium computer (ex. 200 MHz and 32 mb ram)

Q : Can i use software on more that one computer?
A : Yes you can. For more information, please reed instalation.txt file.

Q : Can i translate software by my self?
A : Yes you can. For more information, please reed this

Q : Is demo version fully functional?
A : Yes it is. Demo version will work only 10 minutes.

If you have any question, please feel free to ask
Practice management software

Q : In examination chart, how do I mark seperate tooth surfaces?
A : Please read files toothColor.dj and readme.txt in /pics folder

Q : In examination chart, how do I mark seperate tooth root surfaces?
A : Please read file toothColor.dj in /root folder

Q : Is it possible to see the whole appointment book, let's say for the complete week?
A : Yes, you can set time period to search tru appointments

Q : How to enter extra charges that are normally not in the price list, for example laboratory charges?
A : There is button "All teeth" on examination form. Here you can add all other charges,

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