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Billing management software for restaurants and cafes Computer shop management software
Practice management software:
    Main features    
    Employees records    
    Patient records    
    Patient balances    
    Appoitments scheduling    
    X-RAY pictures    
 Company/Insurance records 

  Common features:
    Multilanguage support    
    Backup database    
    Server softvare    
    Pay-roll list    

Practice management software

Detail dentists database.

Detail patients database.

Detail patient examination data with teeth and teeth roots pictures.

You can create your own picture (or select some of the pictures suplied with Practice management) and assign it to some treatment, so when you select treatment from list of treatments teeth picture (or root picture) changes to picture assigned to treatment.

Profit report for specific time period (summary or by dentists).

NETWORK SUPPORT. Now you can use more than one computer to work with this practice management software.
   Sever can be locked /unlocked with administrator password.

Export database results in:
    - RTF file format
    - XML file format
    - HTML file format
    - Excel file format
and later change/print that file.
Treatment plan for patients
Add view/add treatments for jow or all teath

Add scanned patient files/XRAY pictures etc.
X-ray pictures - supported picture formats: bmp, jpg, gif, ico, emf, wmf.

Zoom x-ray picture, also you can export x-ray picture from Practice management software.

View for milk teath.

Now you can set up appointments by chair, so you can work on more than one chair Company/insurance database

Designation database (dentist, hygienists, nurses,...) so you can categorize your employees.

Print reports or medical billing :
      - Bill submit to Health Fund Authority (Company / Insurance / Other)
      - Bill submit to particular patient
      - Appointments for selected period
      - Profit for selected period
      - Company insurance list

Patients balances support.

Schedule appointments quickly.

Do the patient examinations easily, you can view treatments history for teeth (date/time of work, dentist, billing amount).

You can create treatments list, and use it later on patients examination form.

Pay - roll records for all employees.

Quickly create database backup (Just one click to create backup, or restore already archived data).

Server database is protected from unauthorized modifications

Multilanguage support is available through integrated editor. You can translate Dental software on any language you wish:
  Simply change desired word, phrase or sentence and press 'Save' button.

Support for left - right writings

You can design bill yourself

Check out earnings and get information about charged items!

Practice management management software provides full billing and income control and supports different password protected employee accounts!

Server database is protected from unauthorized modifications!

Process payments quickly and efficiently!

Unique design with very functional user interface!

Improve your business with various reports and statistics!

and many more ...
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