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  Computer shop software:
    Main features    
    Sell products    
    Products groups    
    Input of new products    
    Debts & demand    
    Supplying companies    

  Common features:
    Language setup    
    Backup database    

Computer shop software
history development tree

     Computer shop software - development history
Create "System configuration" and use it later for selling purposes!

Control Pay - roll for your employees!

You can sell computer systems components and accessories!

Quickly find sold configuration!

Control of received and sold computer parts!

Keep track of you suppliers!

Specify group categories and customize this software to your business!

Check out earnings and get information about charged items!

Each sold system is registered in database with date of sale and notification if customer has paid!

Computer store management software provides full billing and income control and supports different password protected employee accounts!

NETWORK SUPPORT. Now you can use more than one computer to work with Computer shop software.
   There is a server software that track all employees work. On the server software screen you can view time and description of employees work for any connected computer with computer shop software.
   Later you can save log file on the hard disk.
   Sever can be locked /unlocked with administrator password.

Multilanguage support is available through integrated editor!

Support for left-writh writings

Customer database - You can save customer data and use it later

Bar code support. You can easy select components from dropdown list.

Debts/Demand form added. You can manage debts and demand for you customers.

Manufacturer for selected component. There is new form for manufacturer data administration.

Print bills with currency sign.

Setup some options in file: initFile.dj.

Support for VAT tax system and GST/PST tax system.

Now you can export search results /employees, payments, companies, sold items, components, .../ in:
    - XLS /Excel/ file format

Manufacturer database. You can assign manufacturer to component data.

Report: View sold components for time period /prices, numbers.../

See total stuff amount in storage.

Configure some software behavior in the init file.

Export search results /employees, payments, companies, sold items, components, .../ in:
    - RTF file format
    - XML file format
    - HTML file format
and later change/print that files.

Enter and print component serial numbers when you selling systems!

Customize bills that you print!

Reports to make comparisons between months (total sum, or by employees)!

It is possible to make a rebate or tribute by open amount!

See profit of a sold computer system!

Sell computer system by installments!

You can change number of components when you selling/creating system configuration!

Maximize button now exist!

You can see number of available components (for selected component in group) when you selling system configuration!

You can create estimates, and latter convert it into bills!

You can:
     make rebates on system configuration
     make rebates on group of components
     make System configuration with rebates

Make tribute on system configuration!

Different bill design!

Log off option.

Quickly create database backup!

Server database is protected from unauthorized modifications!

Process payments quickly and efficiently!

Unique design with very functional user interface!

Improve your store business with various reports and statistics!

and many more ...
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