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  Cafe management software:
    Main features    
    Log in/Log out    
    Drink/food categories    
    Menu items    
    Design bills    

  Common features:
    Language setup    
    Backup database    

Cafe management software
sink form

Cafe management billing software - Sell drink/food
Cafe management software - sink form.
   On this screen you have categories list (on left side), tables list (on the bottom), list of menu items for selected category (at the middle of the screen).

   On the right side you have currently logged stewards list (top), next is bill data, than bills for selected table (payed or not payed depends of selected options "Show just payed bills".

NOTE: To see buttons descritpion hold mouse pointer above button for a second.

How to create new bill :
1. Select table
2. Select steward
3. Click on category, than click on drinks/food you want (number of clicks on some item = number or ordered items).
4. If everything is ok, click on 'OK' button, or to cancel bill click on 'NO' button.
If option 'Print new bill' (on the setup form) is checked new bill will be automatically printed.

NOTE : If option 'Need password while entering the bill' is checked (on the setup form), steward must enter password when he want to remunerate bill.

password dialog

NOTE : If one steward create bill, some other steward CAN remunerate same bill, and in database his name will be assigned to remunerated bill.

You can print GRAND TOTAL BILL for selected table.

To see some bill, click on the bill list for selected table - than you can print selected bill to!

new people button - Press this button when you finish with people on selected table (when all bills are payed, are people are leaving), when new people arriving on the selected table.

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