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  Practice management software:
    Main features    
    Employees form    
    Patients form    
    Patient balance form    
    Appoitments scheduling    
    X-RAY pictures    
    Company/Insurance form    

  Common features:
    Language setup    
    Backup database    

Dental clinic software

Medical billing software - Frequently used treatments
Dental clinic management software - treatments
On this form you may enter frequently used treatments, and later /on examination form/ just select it from list.

You can set new treatment easy:
1. Type treatment description
2. Type price for this treatment
3. Select picture to represent this treatment if you wish.
4. Select shorcut button if you wish. Later on examination form you may use it.
5. When you finish, press 'Save' button

To change treatment data, just select treatment in list, change data, and then press 'Save' button

To delete treatment data, just select treatment in list, and then press 'Delete' button

NOTE: You may click on selected picture to unselect it.
NOTE: You may create your own pictures. Length of picture file name file must be 4< characters (e.g. file1.bmp, f.bmp, acgh.bmp) and picture size must be 41x41 pixels. New pictures copy to /pics folder, and you will see it in pictures list.
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